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Non Muslims event on Sunday 11th July 2010

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The non muslims dawah team led by Br. Naseer organised 2nd of the four non muslims open day planned for this year. This event was organised on sunday 11th july 2010. This bright and a warm summer morning saw many of our non muslims guests turning up to the mosque for this event.

The guests were invited at 11.00 am and after a quick tour of the masjid and meeting with their hosts the guests were gathered in the main hall for a 20 minutes talk on the subject of "Tauheed". Tauheed means the oneness of Allah (SWT). A talk was delivered by Dr Paul Cooper, who himself embrassed Islam few years ago. Dr Cooper lives in Luton and works as a teacher in a local school.

After the talk, the floor was opened for question answer session. At 13.30pm the guests witnessed how muslims perform their prayers. The second prayer of the day (zuhr prayer) was performed by the muslims and then a short information about this ritual was explained to the guests. The guests were then taken in to the rear of the masjid where a barbecue was arranged.

Have a look at the three part video taken on the dy covering this event.





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Non Muslims open day saturday 24rth april 2010

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This event was an opportunity to discuss understanding of islam and Islamic practices. The theme of the event “about Islam” was open for any discussion and questions that the fellow non muslims may have towards islam.


A good number of guests visited the masjid and witnessed first hand how muslims conduct their daily prayers.  There was an exhibition and interactive masjid (mosque) tour. Friendly guides were available on hand to show the guests round and answer any questions that they had.


Free themed food was also served to the guests and each guests was given a free gift .The guests were shown a 20 minutes movie clip about the muslims contributions to the modern science which was highly appreciated. Ladies and children enjoyed free Henna hand tattoo painting., some Islamic perfumery was also on disply and there was fun filled kids corner including face painting for the children.

The guest left very positive feedback and appreciated the event arranged by the masjid. Many guests left their contact details so that they can be informed about the future events. This event was also covered by Islam channel and Channel S.

Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.



Have a look at the video that was recorded on the day.




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Non Muslim Open day 23rd may 2009

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Hockwell Ring Masjid regularly organises events and open days for the non muslims. One of this event was organised for the Non Muslims in the masjid on 23rd May 2009.

Meet Your Muslim Neightbours and Hockwell Ring Masjid teamed up to organise a gathering for the non-muslims at the masjid. The masjid was open for anyone to visit from 11am to 6pm.


 Over 100 guests visited the masjid and were given an interactive masjid tour. There was exhibition arranged and friendly guides were available to answer any questions.

There was Free themed food for the guests and every guest also recieved a free gift for their visit.

Have a look at the video that was recorded on the day.



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