Evening Madrasah. Monday to Thursday 5pm to 7pm

Hockwellring Evening Madrasah catering for children’s Islamic education.

Alhamdulillah, The madrasah has operated since 2008 when we opened the masjid. We realise the importance of our children’s Islamic teachings, and since then, we have been doing this service regularly. We believe we are one of Luton’s most structural, advanced, and successful ‘Evening Madrasah’. We run the madrasah in the evenings (5:00 pm-7:05 pm), teaching the Quran with Tajwid, Islamic Studies, and basic Fiqh. We aim to give all our children a basic understanding of Islam.
We have a well-designed curriculum and activities, which are listed below. We have six classes, three for boys and three for girls, with about 96 children. Masha Allah, we have qualified teachers; some are overqualified for an evening Madrasah. Also, all of them are DBS checked.

We start our academic year on 1st January. We spread the year into three terms. After every term, we take an exam. To prepare our students as future leaders, we arrange 3 “competition days” where they can present their “Quran recitation” “Nasheed”, “Topic-based talk”, “Islamic art” etc.  They win prizes and get inspired.

Our evening Madrasah is open the whole year including school holidays, except for the last 10 days of Ramadhan and two Eids.
Also, we do two parent’s evenings. Masha Allah our parents are very aware of their children’s Islamic educations, and their attendance on parent’s evening is very good. We do regular contact with parents through our ‘WhatsApp’s parent’s group’.

Every child goes through the 6 basic qasidas in our Iqra Qaida book series. These are the set of 6 books that are designed to give the child a better understanding of alphabets and basic Tajweed rules.

The fonts used in this book series is the same as is used in the Madinah Quran print which the children use after they have successfully completed the qaidah series.


Islamic Studies Books series

These are the books used in Madrasah for islamic studies.











Book used for Fiqh Topics.

This book also contains topics like Du’as, 40 Hadiths and Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) life in brief.









Student Performance tracker:

Each child is provided with a folder to take notes during lesson, especially to make notes of Tajweed rules.

In order to keep track of children performance, we use tracker sheets for each child.

Children are given home work every week and a track of their home work completion is made on these homework tracking sheet.

Our Madrasah Policy and Application form:

Madrasah Policy

Application form

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