“KidsInspire” Annual Children Competition

Annual children competition which has been running since 2008.

Children from the age of 6 to 16 are encouraged to take part in different categories of competition. The main competition areas are

  • Qira’at:  Recitation of the Holy Qur’an for a minimum of 3 minutes and read from memory. Recitation time is reduced to 2 minutes for participants between ages of 6-7 yrs.
  • Nasheed:  If you have ability to inspire us with Nasheeds in  English or Arabic language or a combination.  This is the category for you, maximum time allowed is 5 minutes. Only solo performance are permitted.
    * Age restriction applies – No girls over the age of 11 are permitted to enter for both categories above.
  • Speech:  If you have the skill of making public speech and have any good Islamic topic to make yourself heard then this is the category for you. Speech must be based on good Islamic advice and cannot be read from a script. However key notes are permitted.
  • Reading Challenge:  This is our one of the most exciting and enjoyable category (not recommended for under 8 year old’s): All children are to read a certain book that will be announced for the competition. All children will be put to a written test. This qualifying round will comprise of 30 questions – top 12 achievers will be taken to finals (sun).

Quarter final: Children will be asked 20 interactive questions – 3 highest scoring contestants will go through to semi final. The 3 remaining contestants will choose 7 questions each from a                grid of 25 in total, highest scoring 2 will go through to final.  The two finalists will face another head to head competition to win the first and second position.

  • Debate:  This is a fairly new category and is suitable for older children. The children are given a topic to debate either in favor of or against the  suggested topic. They are given specific time limit to build their arguments and are given further time to come back and counter argue their case. The contestants are given points by the panelist based on their strength of arguments, eye contact, confidence and other attributes. The one getting most points wins the competition.

Please click the link below to get to the latest page for this years Kidsinspire competition.

Kidsinspire Competition


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