Weekly Study Circles in Hockwell Ring Masjid

Hockwell Ring mosque is a bustling hub of religious and educational activity, with a diverse range of study circles for brothers, sisters, and youth. The circles are conducted in English, Bangla, and Urdu and cover various Islam-related topics. The days and times of these circles are subject to change based on resource availability, but some are held regularly.

The mosque’s main hall is the venue for the English-language brothers’ circles, which take place every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. These sessions are led by Brother Shahan and cover subjects such as Tajweed, Seerah study, Quran tafseer, and fiqh.

Every Friday evening, English-language sisters’ circles are held in the sisters’ room on the first floor. These sessions are led by Sister Umm Abdullah and provide a supportive and educational environment for women.

Bangla-language circles for brothers take place every Thursday, with timings subject to change.

Youth circles, run by Brother Hamza and Br Abdul Wahhab, are also available at various times of the week. The latest timings for these events can be found on the masjid’s calendar.

There is a monthly gathering for young boys called “The Cave“, which are help once a month for about 3 to 4 hours inside masjid.

The girls also have a monthly get-together called “Girls Night in“, where they socialise, learn about Islam, have quizzes and games and have dinner together. These are trendy events and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Participation in these study circles is a great way to deepen one’s understanding of Islam, learn from knowledgeable and experienced leaders, and build relationships with fellow community members. Whether you are a seasoned student of Islam or just starting your journey, Hockwell Ring mosque has something to offer.

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