Ait-kaaf in Hockwell Ring Masjid, Ramadan 2024

UPDATE 24/3/2024. Our Ait-kaaf places are now full, unfortunately we will not be able to take any more applications.

Ait-kaaf is an Islamic practice (Fard-e-Kifaya), that involves seclusion and spiritual retreat in the last ten nights of Ramadan. It is a way of dedicating oneself to worship and seeking Allah’s blessings during this holy month. More importantly, it is a way to look for Layla-tul-Qard.

During Ait-kaaf, the person stays in a masjid or a designated place for a specific period, typically for the last ten nights of Ramadan, and engages in prayer, recitation of the Quran, and other religious activities.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to observe Ait-kaaf in the last ten days of Ramadan, and his companions followed his example. The reward for Ait-kaaf is immense and an excellent opportunity for spiritual renewal and Internal reflection.

Hockwell Ring masjid is arranging to allow ten people to observe ten full nights of Aitkaaf in the masjid. Interested individuals must fill out our online form here. The spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. The masjid will provide food for Iftar and Sehri during the ten nights and sleeping space at the cost of £100 for the entire ten nights. You must bring your bedding, like a quilt, pillows etc.

Ait-kaaf arrangement is an excellent opportunity for individuals to observe Ait-kaaf in the masjid and experience the spiritual benefits of seclusion and worship. It is also a great way to connect with other community members and share in the blessings of Ramadan.

Observing Ait-kaaf is a personal choice, and those who choose to do so must ensure they follow the guidelines set by the masjid authorities. It is also important to note that while Ait-kaaf can be a profoundly spiritual experience, it is not mandatory, and individuals who have medical conditions should not feel pressured to observe it if they cannot.

In conclusion, Ait-kaaf is a beautiful practice that allows Muslims to connect with Allah and seek his blessings during the last ten nights of Ramadan. Hockwell Ring masjid’s arrangement for Ait-kaaf is an excellent opportunity for individuals to observe this practice in a community setting and experience the spiritual benefits it brings.

Please fill in this form if you are interested in observing Ait-kaaf in Hockwell Ring Masjid

Ait-Kaaf form

Guidlines for Ait-kaaf

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