Masjid Facililities

Hockwell Ring masjid has undergone major refurbishment and remodeling in 2018-19 that has given us much better facilities and now we are able to cater for the needs of our worshippers and guests in a much better way.

Hockwell Ring masjid rely on the hard work and dedication of many of our volunteers, who make this masjid a vibrant place and dedicate their valuable time and money just for the pleasure of Allah (swt).We pray for all of them that Allah accept their contributions and reward them abundantly in this dunya and in Akhira. Ameen

The main entrance is situated on Barley Lane. It leads into the shoe area which has a number of shoe storage racks. There is a big digital screen which displays daily prayer timetable and important announcements.

Through this shoe area you enter a small corridor which have access to wudu area on right and office on the left.  Sisters now have separate access on Barley lane in the front of the masjid which has a narrow access to the main prayer hall downstairs and their dedicated rooms and wudu facilities upstairs.

The main prayer hall is downstairs and is now an open space which can hold around 200-250 worshipers. There is a also temporary partition in the prayer hall downstairs for the sisters to join in the five daily prayers.

Masjid main office is downstairs in the lobby area. There is also a limited car parking space in the rear of the masjid where around 6-8 cars can be parked.

There is a newly build kitchen upstairs which is used for cooking when there are events and programmes. This is also used by the staff and guests when they are visiting masjid.

Evening madrasah is run from upstairs hall which can be converted into four good size partition rooms used for madrasah classes. there is a small madrasah office which is used by the madrasah head teacher.There is also an imam room upstairs which is used by the masjid imam during the day time.

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