Activities During Ramadan At Hockwell Ring Masjid

Ramadan Activities at Hockwell Ring Masjid

As we enter the blessed month of Ramadan, we are delighted to announce a series of enriching activities at Hockwell Ring Masjid to enhance your spiritual journey:

1. Sisters Quran Circle
– Timing: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Monday to Friday
– Led by Sister Hanna
– Receive assistance in Quran recitation, Tajweed rules, and memorization of Quranic surahs. Sister Henna will provide guidance and support to help improve your Quranic recitation with proper Tajweed and pronunciation.

2. Adult Quran Class for Brothers
– Timing: Every Tuesday and Wednesday after Zuhr Jama’at
– Conducted by Mawlana Radawn Sheikh
– Perfect your Quranic recitation and Tajweed under the guidance of Mawlana Radawn Sheikh. This class is tailored for those seeking to improve their Quranic reading skills and ensure correctness in recitation.

3. Juzz Amma Revision
– Timing: Every Sunday after Asr Jama’at
– Led by Hafiz Jahangir Amin
– Join us to revise and memorize the frequently recited surahs of Juzz Amma, essential for daily prayers. Hafiz Jahangir Amin will assist you in memorization and recitation.

4. Tafseer Circle
– Timing: Every Saturday after Zuhr
– Led by Moulana Fokrul Islam
– Delve into the deeper meanings of selected Quranic surahs with Tafseer sessions led by Moulana Fokrul Islam. Gain valuable insights into the Quran’s teachings and enhance your understanding of the Holy Book.

We invite you to make full use of these facilities and activities during the blessed month of Ramadan. Let us come together as a community to seek knowledge, spiritual growth, and the blessings of this auspicious month.

May Allah (SWT) shower His mercy upon us all during this Ramadan.

JazakAllahu Khairan.


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