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Debate topics are already allocated for boys and girls and thus cannot be changed. Please tick whether you prefer to argue for or against. However if we do not receive applications representing both side, we will draw names out of a hat and inform you whether you are representing for or against atleast 3 weeks before the competition.
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I would like to enter above named child(ren) for the HRM KIDSINSPIRE competition. I have read and understand the rules of the competition. All completed application forms are handled by Hockwellring masjid. We use this information for the purpose of organising the kidsinspire event. No part of the data is shared with any third party or used for any other purposes. We will hold the information for upto a year after the event to inform you of future events, after which the data will be deleted from our system. Please confirm that you have read this information and that you agree with the policy. 
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