Hockwellring Masjid

Assalam O Alaikum

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Assalam O Alaikum

Hockwellring Masjid is situated just off the Mayne Avenue in Hockwellring, Luton on Barley Lane, Luton. LU4 9HT

Hockwell Ring Masjid was set up in March  2008 from a converted Doctors surgery.The  total purchasing cost of the building was just under £500,000 in March 2008, of which £305,000 was an Islamic Property Finance agreement for a period of 3 years that ended on the 15th March 2011.

The remaining £195,000 was raised from donations and Qarde Hasana. Since then  Al-hamdu-Lillah we  have raised over £150,000 in donations through T.V. appeals in Ramadhan, charity pot collection,  Street Collections etc. We have also been able to bring our Qard Hasana debt down to £44,000, Al-  Hamdu-Lillah.

Hockwellring Masjid is now transformed into a thriving community hub which now serves the Hockwell  Ring and Leagrave community in Luton. With over 300 Muslim households in the catchment area this  Masjid runs pioneering community services including:

? Islam awareness programs including “Meet your Muslim Neighbour” and Mosque  open days

? Separate mens and womens facilities

? Community Health training

? Youth project running weekly football and badminton sessions + excursions to    theme parks

? Educational lectures, events and Qiyam programs

? Supplementary education with English & Maths booster classes

? Children and Adult Qur’an and Arabic classes.

There are many activities in this masjid where you can be a part of. Please contact our office or send      us an email to get in touch.

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