Hockwellring Masjid

Hockwellring Evening Madrasah

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Hockwellring Evening Madrassa runs 5 days a week between 5.00pm till 7.00pm. There is separate arrangement for girls as the upstairs rooms can now accommodate 4 separate classes.

Currently there are around 70 children enrolled in the madrassa and getting the islamic education. The madrassa has recently gone through a complete restructuring and a new curriculum is introduced.

Presently there is a boys qaida and a boys quran class that takes place regularly.†Similarly on girls side there is a separate girls qaida class and girls quran class.

The madrassa is following Iqra Qaida series that comprises of 6 books before children moves over to Quran. This enables the children to get a good grip of the rules of Tajweed and gives them enough confidence that they can start reading Quran with correct Tajweed.

The fees are very nominal i.e £5.00 a week per child and is collected on Wednesdays. The admissions are open for both boys and girls in Qaida and Quran classes.

Many children from our madrassa has taken part in KidsInspire competition and have won prizes in different categories like Quran recitation and Anasheeds.

There are currently 4 female teachers and 1 male teachers in Madrassa. The teachers are motivated and are working hard to ensure that children in madrassa receives†the best Islamic education.

Please download and complete the form below for admissions.

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