Hockwellring Masjid opened its doors for people of all faiths or no faith to come along and have a visit to our mosque. This was part of a nation wide initiative  for masajids to organise the open day program for members of the public.

Hockwellring Masjid believe that the future of our community is in the hands of our youth. To propogate this belief we have energetic and innovative youth development activities. We aim to equip young Muslims with the tools necessary to be productive and valued members of society. Our main development areas are

1. Understanding of Deen (Islam) as a way of life
2. Education
3. Life Skills 
4. Community Development
5. Sports

Some of our activities include: Weekly Study Circles, Weekend Sports Activities, Qiyam ul Layl ,
Fund Raising Events, Public Awareness Projects, and Community Outings.