Kidsinspire is an annual children talent competition organised by Hockwell Ring Masjid (HRM). It was launched in 2010 by a handful of masjid committee members 

who wanted to create a competitive atmosphere of learning in order to challenge their children to raise their standard. Realising its immense benefits and potential, the competition was opened up to wider Luton community. Many masajid quickly realised our vision and came on board by encouraging entries from their institutions early on. Many parents also believe in our vision and enter their children year after year. We are honoured to say by the will of Allah, Kidsinspire grew very quickly and continues to grow year on year and its name is spreading far and wide including beyond Luton.  Last year (2018), we attracted just over 170 applications, around 96% from Luton and others from Birmingham and London. 

The competition takes place over two days (usually 1st weekend of October every year) and is hosted at the Hockwell Ring Masjid in Luton. We aim to motivate, educate and inspire the next generation to aim high, achieve the best and feel comfortable and confident when sharing their experience and knowledge Islam.  

This competition is not designed only for the best but to help bring out the best from our participants. More than 50% of our entrants return almost every year, it is evident, they enjoy and benefit from this competition. We have seen immense improvement in quality and confidence in some of our repeat entrants. 

The competition allows 6 to 16 year old boys and girls to compete with each other in 5 different categories Qira’at, Nasheed, Islamic Speech, Reading Challenge and Debate. All children are presented with trophies, medals or certificates to celebrate their achievement.  


Terms and Conditions
Kidsinspire competition. Terms and Conditions



If you have any issues or questions please do not hesitate to contact:
Brother Shalim – 07877 195530
Brother Shahan – 07947 601650
Brother Muhit – 07973 337269

Hockwell Ring Masjid, 13 Barley Lane, Luton, LU4 9HT