Hockwellring Masjid have the following facilities for the worshippers and general public.


The main entrance is situated on Barley Lane .It leads into the shoe area, through which you enter a� small corridor which have access to wudu area on right and office on the left. The main noticeboard is situated on the front wall and displays the notices for the community.

Sisters entrance is on the l right of the main entrance. A single door leads to the prayer room through a small hallway.


Leading on from the main entrance the office is on the left before the entrance to the main prayer hall.

Prayer Hall for Brothers

The main prayer can accomodate around 200 people. On fridays extra spaces are used to accomodate the large number of people.

The direction of the Qibla is beautified by a wooden Mihrab.

Prayer Hall for Sisters

This prayer hall is situated in the room adjacent to the main hall and can accomodate around 30 ladies.

Main prayer hall is used for different events such as Nikah ceremonies, lectures, meetings and so on.


The masjid library (situated on the ground floor, in the office area ) has a selection of Arabic, English and Urdu books and magazines. It also has a number of tapes and CDs in English. Many of the CDs are recordings of talks or lectures held in the masjid.

To use the library, please ask any member of the masjid staff or commitee members.

Car Park

The masjid also has a small car park which can be accessed from Barley Lane.


The masjid has a kitchen which is used for food preparation. The kitchen is used by masjid staff and for catering for guests.

Ablution/Wudu area

The masjid provides areas for worshippers to make ablutions before prayers. Ablution is the act of preparation and self-cleanliness carried out before Muslims stand in prayer and obedience before the Almighty Lord of all creation.