Those of you who have been to the mosque recently (July -August 2010) may have notice the extension of mosque been carried out. On wednesday 1st of ramadan (11th August 2010)the main hall was ready for use after extension and now we can accomodate more people in the masjid. Jazakallah Khair for your ongoing support that we have been able to achieve this and now the work is underway to complete the kitchen and toilet areas.This will be followed by refurbishing the wudu area and renovating the existing toilets in the front. By the grace of Allah (SWT) this masjid has become a very active place, providing all sorts of activities and support in the community. We hope that inshallah this mosque will continue to grow and will become a focal point for our community in Luton.


Hockwell Ring Masjid was purchased for £475,000 with the aid of an Islamic mortgage for £300,000. Of the £175,000 deposit, only £44,000 is from donations and the remaining £131,000 is Qard-e-Hasana from Muslims .

The masjid needed an urgent renovation for use after purchase. Here are some of the early photographs taken of the masjid after purchase.