Masjid Expansion Plan:

Hockwellring Masjid attracts over 600 worshippers when it is Jumma prayer time and even more at the time of Eid prayers. The masjid is unable to accamodate growing number of worshippers in the limited space available at the present time. We have submitted an expansion plans with the council which will enable us to add a significant number of worshippers in the masjid. This will also enable us to make adequate space for sisters to attend the masjid as well as use the space for their programs.

We are thenkful to all our doners who have committed to make contribution towards the cost of expansion and build.

Please donate generously for this nobel cause.


Luton Islamic Community Forum

is a charity organisation. Hockwellring masjid is one of the projects of LICF. The main objectives of LICF as

(1). To facilitate for the religious, spiritual and educational needs of the Muslim
community of Luton and beyond;
(2). To improve the social, educational, environmental and economic conditions of
the Muslim community of Luton and beyond;
(3). To co-operate and collaborate with other communities and organisations to
combat social ills, work for the common good and to enhance community cohesion;
(4). To promote justice and equality for all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, culture or other differences; and
(5). To support charitable initiatives which would bring benefit to humanity.


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Assalam O Alaikum

Brothers and Sisters

We aim to seek to attain the pleasure of Allah (swt) only, by entering Islam completely and by helping others to do the same, inshaAllah. However, we can neither enter Islam completely nor observe the commands of Allah (swt) without knowledge.

We therefore intend to, inshaAllah, provide:

Education (not just Arabic) for children and adults (both brothers and sisters). 
Tajweed classes for brothers and sisters. 
Prayer facilities for sisters too. 
Our long-term ambition is to make Hockwell Ring Masjid, the hub of the community by providing the services for the community as a whole. Brothers and sisters, there are many needs in our community that are not currently catered for and we aim to provide these needs to our community as we grow. We also welcome your suggestions. Whenever, a Muslim or a non-Muslim needs help, inshaAllah, Hockwell Ring Masjid will be the first port of call for many.

We ask for your support.

Jazakallah Khairan

Hockwellring Masjid have the following facilities for the worshippers and general public.


The main entrance is situated on Barley Lane .It leads into the shoe area, through which you enter a� small corridor which have access to wudu area on right and office on the left. The main noticeboard is situated on the front wall and displays the notices for the community.

Sisters entrance is on the l right of the main entrance. A single door leads to the prayer room through a small hallway.


Leading on from the main entrance the office is on the left before the entrance to the main prayer hall.

Prayer Hall for Brothers

The main prayer can accomodate around 200 people. On fridays extra spaces are used to accomodate the large number of people.

The direction of the Qibla is beautified by a wooden Mihrab.

Prayer Hall for Sisters

This prayer hall is situated in the room adjacent to the main hall and can accomodate around 30 ladies.

Main prayer hall is used for different events such as Nikah ceremonies, lectures, meetings and so on.


The masjid library (situated on the ground floor, in the office area ) has a selection of Arabic, English and Urdu books and magazines. It also has a number of tapes and CDs in English. Many of the CDs are recordings of talks or lectures held in the masjid.

To use the library, please ask any member of the masjid staff or commitee members.

Car Park

The masjid also has a small car park which can be accessed from Barley Lane.


The masjid has a kitchen which is used for food preparation. The kitchen is used by masjid staff and for catering for guests.

Ablution/Wudu area

The masjid provides areas for worshippers to make ablutions before prayers. Ablution is the act of preparation and self-cleanliness carried out before Muslims stand in prayer and obedience before the Almighty Lord of all creation.

Those of you who have been to the mosque recently (July -August 2010) may have notice the extension of mosque been carried out. On wednesday 1st of ramadan (11th August 2010)the main hall was ready for use after extension and now we can accomodate more people in the masjid. Jazakallah Khair for your ongoing support that we have been able to achieve this and now the work is underway to complete the kitchen and toilet areas.This will be followed by refurbishing the wudu area and renovating the existing toilets in the front. By the grace of Allah (SWT) this masjid has become a very active place, providing all sorts of activities and support in the community. We hope that inshallah this mosque will continue to grow and will become a focal point for our community in Luton.


Hockwell Ring Masjid was purchased for £475,000 with the aid of an Islamic mortgage for £300,000. Of the £175,000 deposit, only £44,000 is from donations and the remaining £131,000 is Qard-e-Hasana from Muslims .

The masjid needed an urgent renovation for use after purchase. Here are some of the early photographs taken of the masjid after purchase.