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Muslims Youth Network, Luton

"Together we are strong and divided we fall". The LMYN circles are targeted for ages between 9-18 Read More

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Evening Madrasah

Hockwellring Evening Madrasah operates 5 days a week between 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.   Read More

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KidsInspire  is an annual children talent competition organised by Hockwell Ring Masjid   Read more

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Luton Islamic Community Forum is a registered charity, which runs many different projects    Read More

Assalam O Alaikum    Majid on Barley Lane , Luton

Hockwellring Masjid is situated just off the Mayne Avenue in Hockwellring, Luton on Barley Lane, Luton. LU4 9HT. 

Hockwell Ring Masjid was set up in March 2008 from a converted Doctors surgery.The total purchasing cost of the building was just under 500,000 in March 2008, of which 305,000 was an Islamic Property Finance agreement for a period of 3 years that ended on the 15th March 2011.

The remaining 195,000 was raised from donations and Qarde Hasana. Since then Al-hamdu-Lillah we have raised over 150,000 in donations through T.V. appeals in Ramadhan, charity pot collection, Street Collections etc. 
We have also been able to bring our Qard Hasana debt down to 44,000, Al-Hamdu-Lillah.

Hockwellring Masjid is now transformed into a thriving community hub which now serves the Hockwell Ring and Leagrave community in Luton. With over 300 Muslim households in the catchment area.
This Masjid runs pioneering community services including:

a. Islam awareness programs including, Meet your Muslim Neighbour and Mosque open days.

b. Separate mens and womens facilities

c. Community Health training

d. Youth project running weekly football and badminton sessions + excursions to theme parks

e. Educational lectures, events and Qiyam programs

f. Supplementary education with English & Maths booster classes

g. Children and Adult Quran and Arabic classes.

There are many activities in this masjid where you can be a part of. 
Please contact our office or send us an email to get in touch.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Daily Prayer Times

Masjid Renovation Project, Please Donate Our Cause

Visit our event page on BT MyDonate

Daily Prayer Timetable

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Daily Prayer Timetable is available to download from here

MYN Sunday Circles... Download application form

MYN Luton

Muslims Youth Network, Online application form for admitting your children in Saturday Muslimaat and Sunday JMC circles (boys and girls)

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Wider Community Engagement  is a dedicated project of LICF that deals with arranging activities and programs to engage with the wider community. This includes setting up dawah stalls, organising Mosque Open Days, Visiting Elderly homes and regular Tea with the Imam activities. Hockwellring Masjid depends on volunteers to carry out these essential activities in the community. If you want to be part of this work, please get in touch with the masjid.

Luton Islamic Community Forum, Hockwellring Masjid

Mosque Open Day

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Mosque Open Day 2018  Hockwellring Masjid invited the people from the community of all faiths Read More

The Big Clean Up

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The Big Clean Up is an initiative to look after our environment, feel a sence of responsibility Read More

Dawah Stalls

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Dawah Stalls is yet another way of reaching out to the wider community, inviting them to mosque Read More

Tea with Imam

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Tea with the Imam is a monthly get together for any member of our community Read More