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Confessions of a Shopaholic
Quran Tajweed Sessions
Regular Tajweed classes are held for brothers and sisters in the masjid. Please get in touch if you want more informations.
Nothing like the holidays
Arabic Learning Course
Arabic Language classes are also held in masjid from time to time, presently the Arabic language course is being run during Tuesday's brothers circle. Please contact Akhtar Bhai in masjid for details.
How to lose Friends and Alienate people
Youth Activities
Regular youth related activities are held in the masjid. Brother Muhit is the Amir of youth activities. Please get in touch if you want to get involved.

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Welcome to Hockwellring Masjid

Assalam O Alaikum

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Assalam O Alaikum

Hockwellring Masjid is situated just off the Mayne Avenue in Hockwellring, Luton on Barley Lane, Luton. LU4 9HT

Hockwell Ring Masjid was set up in March  2008 from a converted Doctors surgery.The  total purchasing cost of the building was just under £500,000 in March 2008, of which £305,000 was an Islamic Property Finance agreement for a period of 3 years that ended on the 15th March 2011.


Hockwellring Evening Madrasah

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Hockwellring Evening Madrassa runs 5 days a week between 5.00pm till 7.00pm. There is separate arrangement for girls as the upstairs rooms can now accommodate 4 separate classes.



The roles of an Imam in masjid or mosque is to illuminate individuals and communities through educating them about Quran and the faith of Islam Tea With Imam sessions are especially organised to create friendships as well as opportunities to ask questions about Allah (God), Quran and Islam. Guests from all back grounds and walks of life attend these sessions and enjoy Q&A in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Popular topics such as Quran, Muhammad, Abraham, Moses and Jesus as the Prophets of Islam, Rights of women in Islam, Islam’s moral and social principles, distribution of wealth and economic systems in Islam are covered.

These events are being supported by Hockwell Ring Mosque and UK Islamic Mission (Luton North).

We hope that you are able to accept this invitation and very much look forward to seeing you on any of the event dates shown (last saturday of the month). The event promises to be a very unique and engaging evening. You can register for the event here

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Dua When Entering Masjid

 When entering the masjid, enter with your right foot first and recite this dua:
"Allahummaftah lee abwaaba rahmatik"
(Oh- Allh, Open for me the doors of your mercy)

Dua When Leaving masjid


 When leaving the masjid, leave with your left foot firts
 and recite this dua:
"Allahumma in-nee as-aluka min fadlik"
(Oh-Allh, verily I seek from you, Your bounty)

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